February 10, 2016

How to Tie the Cutest Bow You’ve Ever Seen

A package is not complete until it’s tied up with a bow. It’s the proverbial “finishing touch.” The pièce de resistance of gift packaging.

So why are they so frackin’ hard to get right? Bows have been tied for millennia, you’d think they’d be easy. Not the case.

Sometimes the loops are cock-eyed. Sometimes the ends are uneven. Maybe one loop looks like a drunken sailor. Or my personal nemesis: the bow that won’t lie flat.

Now there are lots of different types of bows to tie. Just go ito any gift shop and you’ll see everything from small, frilly bows to giant loop-upon-loop-upon-loop bows.

But that’s not how we roll at Lux Party. We like simple and pretty. Our goal is to tie the most demure, classic little bow you’ve ever seen. One that stands the test of time and looks good on just about anything. Oh, and it better lie flat too!

We start with a good quality grosgrain ribbon. You can use any type of ribbon you like, but we think grosgrain is just the sweetest.

We’re tying our bow on a Lux Party scalloped favor box, but you can tie yours around just about anything.

Step 1.

Wrap your ribbon around your package and ensure that it is lying flat. No twisty ribbon!

Also, make sure the ribbon is even. Estimate where you will tie your bow and make sure both ends are about the same length.

Hold the left ribbon down across the box.

Step 1 of tying a cute bow

Step 2.

Loop the right ribbon over top of the left ribbon, then up and under. The right ribbon end should be sticking up.

Step 2 of how to tie a cute bow

Step 3.

Create a loop with the right ribbon. Make sure that the loop is lying flat against itself and not twisted.

Step 3 of how to tie a cute bow

Step 4.

It gets mildly tricky here so stay with me.

Take the left ribbon and loop it behind and around the front of the right ribbon loop, like so:

Step 4 of how to tie a cute bow 

Step 5.

Push the left ribbon through the hole, under the right ribbon, to create a second loop. Bunny ears! First grade. Anyone?

Step 5 of how to tie a cute bow 

Step 6.

Pull the bow tight and adjust as necessary. Trim ends with sharp scissors, as needed.

Step 6 of how to tie a cute bow 

And voila! Every time you will get a perfect bow. Promise.

Lux Party rainbow favor boxes 

You may now proceed to tie the cutest bows you’ve ever seen.

Please share your cuties with us on Instagram @helloluxparty.

Kristen Davis
Kristen Davis