First Communion Invitations that are Fresh and Tasteful

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Holy Communion invitations are not the most common invitations you see in paper stores and online invitation shops. They sort of get lost in the shadow of the more popular birthday party invitations and the more glamorous wedding invitations. They are, however, just as necessary and just as important.

Once a year, usually in late spring, thousands of families celebrate this important milestone for their sons and daughters. It's a religious milestone - and as such, it deserves a celebration!

Just as you would plan a beautiful party for a First Communion, you should find equally beautiful invitations. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to do. Search the web and you'll find many, many examples of outdated, gaudy Holy Communion invitations.

But fear not, internet friends, we've taken the hard work out of finding fabulous First Communion invitations. And they're just a click away!

We've gathered up some of the best First Holy Communion invitations you can find in 2019. Without further ado...

Bliss Paper Boutique's Religious Celebration Invitations

These invitations are great because they're not limited to one particular religious event. You can use them for a Baptism, a Communion, a Confirmation, and more. You will, however, have to hand-write the event details on each invitation.

Price  $14.99
Quantity 25 invitations
Envelopes Included Yes
Size 5 x 7"
Paper 100lb. cardstock
Price per Invitation $0.60


Minted's Gilded Cross Foil-Pressed Communion Invitations

Definitely an upgrade, but worth the price, Minted's Foil-Pressed Invites are beautiful in their simplicity. Available in multiple colors, including pink and blue, your guests will be impressed with your classic good taste.

Price  $77.00 (starting at)
Quantity 25 invitations
Envelopes Included Yes
Size 5 x 7"
Paper 130lb. cardstock
Price per Invitation $3.08


Minted's Icons of Faith First Communion Invitation

This friendly little invitation by Minted is cute and inviting! Available in multiple colors, including light blue, peach, and mint green, this First Holy Communion invitation will welcome your guests in style.

Price  $64.00 (starting at)
Quantity 25 invitations
Envelopes Included Yes
Size 5 x 7"
Paper 130lb. cardstock
Price per Invitation $2.56


Simply Sweet Designss First Communion Invitations on Etsy

If you're a DIY kind of person, these print-your-own invitations from Etsy are quite lovely. Just purchase, edit in Adobe Acrobat, and print at home or send the file to your local print shop. You'll need to supply your own envelopes and paper, but that doesn't add much to the cost. As long as you have minimal technical ability, these invitations are an easy and affordable way to invite your guests!

Price  $6.00 + paper, ink, envelopes
Quantity Unlimited
Envelopes Included No
Size 5 x 7"
Paper Your choice
Price per Invitation $0.24+


Evite's Blessed Bunting Invitation

Go hassle-free and free-FREE, as in no price! Evite is a wonderful option for hassle-free invitations. Just create an account, select a FREE design, enter your event details, and send. Everything is done digitally, which means there's no paper and no cost. Evite also track your guests' RSVPs, sends reminders and even handles post-party activities like sharing photos and sending thank you's. Icing on the cake!

Price Free (unless you upgrade to a Premium design)
Quantity Unlimited
Envelopes Included N/A
Size N/A
Paper N/A
Price per Invitation $0.00


You can see that whether you go premium, free, or somewhere in between, there are lovely First Communion invitations for all families. Now, go invite your loved ones in style. And be sure to share your invitation choices with us on Instagram at #luxpartyshop. Enjoy!

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