About Us

Lux Party is truly about handcrafted quality. No offense, factories, but mass-produced boxes just don't compare.

Our standards are painstakingly high. Everything from design to production to packaging is done to the absolute best of our abilities and we're constantly evolving and perfecting our craft.

The paper that we source for our favor boxes is produced in small batches (in the great 'ol USA) and spot printed to give it a lovely and understated quality. It feels good in your hand and it's a joy to look at. Each box is individually hand-rolled through a die cutting machine, then hand-finished to ensure each box stands tall and square, and the flaps and holes align perfectly.

The boxes are then hand-glued at the seam. We like the glue right up to the edge. It takes some finesse to get this just right. Lux boxes will never gap, pop apart, or feel tacky in your hand.

The ribbon that accompanies our favor boxes is selected for quality, color, durability, and feel. We hand-cut each ribbon to the perfect length, then heat seal the edges. This prevents the ribbon from fraying when you're tying it to the box. It's the little things that make all the difference.

It's a lot of work to make beautiful boxes. Some may scoff at our process, but we know better.